The Thyroid Patient’s Manual – a YouTube Video Introduction

I have made a short video that describes my book, The Thyroid Patient’s Manual.

This book discusses the use of ALL thyroid hormone treatments.


The Thyroid Patient’s Manual is a practical, easy-to-read book, which provides an excellent resource for people who are trying to understand hypothyroidism.

It is aimed at patients who suspect they have low thyroid hormone levels, those who have just been diagnosed and are beginning treatment and those who are on thyroid treatment already but are still feeling ill.

The Thyroid Patient’s Manual book deals with all the main thyroid hormone treatment options, including T4 (Levothyroxine), NDT (natural desiccated thyroid), T3 (Liothyronine) and all combinations.

An easy-to-grasp series of steps is presented that includes information on thyroid and adrenal hormones, diagnosis of hypothyroidism and finding the right treatment.

It covers all the common problems that interfere with the success of thyroid treatment, including mineral and vitamin deficiencies, low cortisol and many other issues.

It is a manual, so it is very specific about ideal levels for test results and levels that are a concern and should be discussed with your doctor.

It is consistent with and references recent research studies on thyroid diagnosis and treatment.

The book is immensely practical, easy-to-read, yet absolutely full of essential information for the well-informed thyroid patient (much of which will be new to many thyroid patients).

The Thyroid Patient’s Manual gives you the tools needed to gain some control of your health, and be able to work productively with your doctor so that you can recover your health as fast as possible.

Note: This book does not replace either of the previous two books (Recovering with T3 and The CT3M Handbook), which are vital reading for those trying to use the T3 thyroid hormone safely and successfully.

Selection of reviews on Amazon:

“Your go-to manual when you have a thyroid problem. A must-read on the road to recovery”

“Essential reading for patients, general practitioners and endocrinologists”

“A marvellous book, well-written, understandable, up to date and logical”

“If you have a thyroid  condition that you want to understand more about how to diagnose and monitor then this should be the first book you buy”

“Every thyroid patient should have this book”

“The search for answers ends here”

“I love The Thyroid Patient’s Manual by Paul Robinson. I have at least a dozen books on hypothyroidism and  not one of them comes close to this book”

“Awesome book for anyone that is hypothyroid”

“This is the best thyroid book I’ve read (and I’ve read a lot)”

For more information on the book see the book page on my website:

I hope you enjoy this short video:

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(Updated February 2019)

Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson is a British author and thyroid patient advocate. The focus of his books and work is on helping patients recover from hypothyroidism. Paul has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on thyroid and adrenal dysfunction and their treatment. His three books cover all of this.

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  1. Kathleen Flynn on 1st April 2021 at 4:22 pm

    Paul. I am 75 year old female w/what I believe is ATD. Been treated ineffectively for hypothyroidism (referred to as Hashamotos) for 35 years. I was diagnosed after presenting with a myxedema coma in 1985. Based on what I am reading on the internet, I am sure that my atrophied thyroid gland has been in this condition for a long time. I just learned of it 2 months ago. I live in Santa Fe NM and am struggling to find a specialist who will work with me. I would travel outside my area if there is someone qualified and who will listen. Any ideas? I just found you on the www this last month or so and appreciate your work so much. I am looking into choosing one or more of your books. BTW, nice video and for those of us that love birds, its a really nice touch! Kathleen Flynn. Email:

    • Paul Robinson on 1st April 2021 at 6:48 pm

      Hi Kathleen, I live in the UK and so don’t know of any good doctors in your area.

      I would consider joining a thyroid forum on Facebook or other and ask other patients there if they have any recommendations in your own area. I run a forum myself called ‘The Thyroid Patient’s Manual’ on Facebook and there will probably be members there who could assist you with the contact information of good doctors.

      ‘The Thyroid Patient’s Manual’ is also likely to be the most useful book of my series that could assist you. I honestly believe that gaining knowledge and information is absolutely essential for thyroid patients. Otherwise, they tend to get pushed around too much by doctors and often get sub-optimal treatment.

      Good luck Kathleen!


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