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Paul is an active advocate for thyroid patients through his regular blog posts, which offer a wealth of information that both relate to his books as well as current news and insights.

This tag will only be used when lab test results are being discussed in a general way. In particular, posts that discuss the problems in the way that endocrinologists, doctors and patients are focusing on and using thyroid lab test results may be subject to this tag.

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Thyroid Laboratory Test Results and Ranges: Can They Really be Used for All Thyroid Medications? 

I have written about this topic in my books, especially The Thyroid Patient's Manual, and in various blog posts. I may refer ...

Chasing ‘Ideal’ Thyroid Hormone Lab Test Results is The Road to Nowhere for Thyroid Patients

During the 1970s the shift to a lab-test-centric model began. This involved the increasing amount of focus by doctors on ...