Coronavirus, Hashimoto’s and Vitamin D Possible Connections for Patients with Hypothyroidism to Consider

I began writing this article prior to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, which made me put it to one side.

However, given some new ideas on the connections between thyroid patients with low vitamin D, and between low vitamin D and Coronavirus (Covid-19), I felt I needed to release it now.

There is a strong correlation between thyroid patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and the presence of low Vitamin D levels. This has been known by thyroid patients for years and many of us supplement with Vitamin D (including myself), as a result of this knowledge. The connection between low Vitamin D and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is especially well known. I have also written about this in my books.

However, here is a relatively new piece of research that confirms the Hashimoto’s and Vitamin D connection:

“Correlation Between Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis–Related Thyroid Hormone Levels and 25-Hydroxyvitamin D”
Guanqun Chao, Yue Zhu and Lizheng Fang
Front. Endocrinol. 14 February 2020
URL to full article:

Some of the takeaway conclusions from the research are:

“Patients with HT present with a reduced 25(OH)D level, and TSH is an independent risk factor for HT. TSH is negatively correlated with 25(OH)D levels. FT3 and FT4 levels were positively correlated with 25(OH)D levels.
So, they are saying that higher TSH is correlated to lower Vitamin D. They are also saying that higher FT3 and FT4 are correlated to higher Vitamin D. I very much suspect that it is NOT the FT4 that is really correlated but the active hormone FT3.

Now, in addition to the above, there is increasing evidence that those with LOW Vitamin D may be more susceptible to the Coronavirus and may possibly be subject to poorer outcomes.

Please watch this video by Dr. John Campbell in the UK:

Until more is known about the connections between low Vitamin D and Coronavirus it does make sense to supplement with Vitamin D3 if you are known to be low in it, or you have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Be careful if you have known kidney issues, and in this case consult your own doctor first.

I take 2,500 IUs of vitamin D3 each day and I am definitely continuing this even though the sun is coming out more. I want as much protection from Covid-19 as possible. Many thyroid patients take 5,000 – 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D if they know they are low in this important vitamin.

Some people believe that it is important to take Vitamin K2 also if you are supplementing with high doses of Vitamin D3. I recommend doing your own research on this.

For completeness, I include another post on Coronavirus and hypothyroidism that I wrote recently, which did indeed already have the advice to take Vitamin D3:

I hope you found this helpful.

Stay well and stay safe!

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Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson is a British author and thyroid patient advocate. The focus of his books and work is on helping patients recover from hypothyroidism. Paul has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on thyroid and adrenal dysfunction and their treatment. His three books cover all of this.

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