Thyroid Lab Tests

Paul is an active advocate for thyroid patients through his regular blog posts, which offer a wealth of information that both relate to his books as well as current news and insights.

This category covers thyroid laboratory tests, thyroid lab test results and their interpretation. It covers how they ought to be used and the problems associated with how they are used currently.

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Research Shows Free T4 and Free T3 Ranges for Individual Thyroid Patients are Less Than Half as Wide as The Wide Population Laboratory Ranges

This is a truly important piece of research. The FT4 and FT3 ranges for individual people are less than half ...

Thyroid Patients Need Enough T3 Thyroid Hormone to Resolve Their Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Going by standard laboratory test range guidelines is often NOT going to tell you whether you are correctly treated. This ...

Baseline Thyroid Hormone Testing for Young Adults?

I think all young people who have one or more parents who have thyroid disease ought to have baseline thyroid hormone ...