Blue Horizon Medicals Have a Covid-19 PCR Test for UK Patients

In partnership with Blue Horizon Medicals, this website is delighted to offer UK thyroid patients a 10% discount on their Covid-19 PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test that you can perform at home.

Note: This is just for patients in the UK.

To get the discount please use this code when you place the order: PRAC10 – note this discount code is new as Blue Horizon have been changing their pricing and discount structure (lower prices and reduced discount – but the net effect to customers should be lower prices overall).

The Covid-19 test can be found using this link:

Note the Covid-19 PCR tests for RNA fragments of SARS-Cov-2 – the virus that causes COVID-19. Test Specificity 100%, Test Sensitivity >95% at 0.75 copies of viral RNA/ul.

The many other Blue Horizon Medicals home test kits for thyroid hormones, cortisol etc. are still available with a discount (use PRAC10 again), using the information discussed in the link below (again UK patients only):

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Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson is a British author and thyroid patient advocate. The focus of his books and work is on helping patients recover from hypothyroidism. Paul has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on thyroid and adrenal dysfunction and their treatment. His three books cover all of this.

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