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Zarla’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:
Circadian T3 Method, T3

I Have My Life Back Again Through T3 and The Circadian T3 Method and Recovering with T3

13 years ago I was put onto thyroxine, T4 medication & told in a few days you will be ok again. Well around 11 years later I was still waiting for that to happen.

I lost hair, put on far too much weight, had dry skin and other related symptoms. I couldn’t walk more than 50 yards without becoming so out of breath I needed to rest for a long time. I used to tell people that it felt as though my body were filled with lead, & especially my chest. I had a year off work, got diagnosed with ME/CFS & struggled to get well. My struggles continued, being back at work but so tired I would need tho rest 2 or 3 times a day & got home too tired to move or care got my family. This was so demoralising!

I had asked my doctor about T3 before was told no, you don’t need it.

Eventually I saw a consultant at the chronic fatigue clinic that suggested I try it…I could have kissed him! He placed me on a dose & discharged me.

I was on my own with it. Things steadily improved, but then life became harder again,I could not get my body to move in the mornings, the heavy feeling in my chest returned & I was so debilitated I was desperate. My last visit too the gp,I sat in the car outside, head resting on the window, breathing very badly, it was all I could do to get into the surgery. I was so demoralised & ill I had been thinking I must truly be dying.

Then I found the Facebook group run by Paul Robinson.

I read the stories & posts on it. I was encouraged but so ill it took me a long time to get myself together to try it.

Paul Robinson and Christel were so patient with me, explaining everything over & over, as my dizzy head was struggling with the concept of recovery & how to do it.

I tried that magical circadian dose & after just one day I could feel the difference! I was less heavy, my chest didn’t feel like I had an elephant sitting on it. Things were looking up! I received more advice about tweaking my doses & times.

I can honestly say, apart from the odd blip of a few extra tired days, I HAVE MY LIFE BACK AGAIN!

I can now go to work all day, I can even do the supermarket or errands after work. my marriage is now back on track. I have finally managed to change my mindset back to one of ‘ I can do’ rather than ‘thats too much for me’.

I can’t begin to tell the joy I now experience as I walk through the Woods gathering materials for my basketry, or a recent long walk with friend, that took all day! Apart from needing a cup of tea & a sit down, I coped fine!

I really enjoy each day now, I fill my time with those things I only dreamed of doing when I was ill.

Recovering with T3  & the knowledge & support I received have done more, much more for me than my words can say.

I hope you guys go on to reunite others with the lives they thought they had lost forever.

Thank you.