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Vicki’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:
Circadian T3 Method, T3

Here is My Short Successful Journey on CT3M

My CT3M journey. I was waking with a high heart rate and generally feeling awful. After taking a saliva cortisol test it turns out my morning levels were low.

September 30th:
Morning 7.8 (3.7-9.5)
Noon 1.4 (1.2-3.0)
Evening 1.2 (0.6-1.9)
Night 0.5 (.04-1.0)

I started CT3M at 1.5hours before I woke. I was already at 20mcg T3 for my morning dose so I pushed that back as my CT3M dose. All my other doses remained the same.

I was feeling so much better within a couple of months. So about 5.5 months later I took another saliva cortisol test.

March 13th:
Morning 9.7 (3.7-9.5)
Noon 2.8 (1.2-3.0)
Evening 1.6 (0.6-1.9)
Night 0.8 (.04-1.0)

I couldn’t believe the results! I felt so much better and so glad that I turned to CT3M!

Over the next couple of months, I slowly moved my CT3M dose closer to my rise time. I still felt good taking my T3 when I normally rose for the day so I just left it there. I took another saliva cortisol test for the morning only and it was 9.8 (3.7-9.5)

It’s been over 4 years now and I no longer need a CT3M dose. I’m thrilled and what it has done for me. Thank you Paul Robinson!