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Sharon’s Story Part 2

Thyroid Treatment:
Circadian T3 Method, T3

Hypothyroidism Symptoms Cured using T3 and the Circadian T3 Method (CT3M)

I have now been on T3 for just under a year and as I keep going from strength to strength. I am still using the Circadian T3 Method.

I thought a part 2 story was necessary to help any other sufferers to keep going with Paul Robinson’s protocol to get to optimum health.

I was weighed on December 23rd 2011 at the neurologists dept and I was a whopping 15 stone 5 pounds! I was never so shocked as when I got off the scales and so devastated. Previous to the onset of Hashimoto’s I was always around the 6 stone mark.

We are now in March 2012 and my last weigh was 11 stone 1 pound and still losing (a loss of about 60 pounds). I have not had to change my diet or do anything different. The T3 has definitely made a huge difference to my weight.

My symptoms of hypothyroid now are next to non-existent. I walk everyday and even run which was totally against my better judgement! My housework is done in the morning with no rests. My skin is silky smooth, as is my hair – no creams needed anymore. I no longer need false tears for my eyes, as i don’t have a problem with dry eyes anymore. My face is no longer puffy. I have a good strong normal blood pressure now – it was always very low before T3.

I’ve come such a long way from having to rest between doing anything, even talking on the phone was too much. I no longer wear glasses, as my eyesight is now brilliant. I no longer need the 2 carrier bags of medicines I was taking. I’ve also come to realise that all the vitamins and minerals that are recommended are essential, when I’ve missed them for whatever reason I can have some hypo symptoms.

So, gone are the days of hiding away and sobbing, feeling like I was going to die at any point, too scared to leave the house, too exhausted to leave the house, not having the mental ability to sit with my children, sleeping for 20 hours a day as it was the only way to get through each day.

My whole life is changing everyday. There is no more depression. I can cope with stress. I can giggle and enjoy giggling without it exhausting me.

The best thing of all is I have gone from a size 18 in clothes to a size 10. It’s nice to be able to wear skin tight jeans again without them hurting my skin and they fit !!!!

I’m sure that I will carry on going from strength to strength and I’m hoping to go back to work once I’ve made sure my health is back to great!