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Sandra’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:

Levothyroxine (T4) Never Really Worked for Me

Hypothyroidism has been a jigsaw illness for me for at least 10 years.  I feel it may have been longer than this as I had the symptoms but normal blood results.  I recall the day my GP informed me that my TSH was borderline, however, it was 18 months later, when I was hospitalised that they in fact diagnosed me with hypothyroidism. What I know now is that if a borderline result is visible, a three monthly check should be done as a follow up.

I got the usual treatment of levothyroxine, which was increased via TSH only results.  For the first three years of this treatment I was reasonably ok. A lot of symptoms decreased but I never really felt 100% better.  Other symptoms were appearing which according to my doctors had no connection to a thyroid problem.  In all, over the past seven years, I have seen twelve various Consultants regarding the many symptoms I have suffered with.

A Neurologist, for the severe headaches, slurred speech and brain fog.  A Gynecologist for PMT and menstrual problems.  A Gastroenterologist for heartburn and stomach acid problems. A Rheumatologist for the muscle cramp, even a Psychiatrist for the low moods and depression.  All conclusions to these visits were “I was normal”.  The only thing theses visits gave me was a huge medical bill.

No-one looked at all my symptoms as a whole and recognised that I was T4 resistant

I think what annoys me the most about my experience was, all these professional Consultants I consulted, and not one was able to put the puzzle together.  No-one looked at all my collaborative symptoms and recognised that I was T4 resistant.

Over the years I studied this disease.  I read everything I could get my hands on.  I ran support groups where I could indeed talk to people about their experience.  Due to my profession, it appeared clear to me that thyroid disease was everywhere and becoming more and more common amongst the population. Looking back now, despite my medical training, there was no available information about T3 or information regarding T4 resistance.

Christmas 2009 was when my story became critical.  My symptoms had become violently abusive to not only my physical health, but more worryingly, my mental health. Hypothyroidism had taken hold of every aspect of my life, career, personal and socially.  Trips to my GP were frequent; I was going from extreme hypothyroid to extreme hyperthyroid in a matter of two months. My dosage went up and down with no relief in symptoms.

Then I found Paul!

I had read an article he had written on a forum.

I knew then when I was reading it he made sense to all that was occurring to me.  I received a draft copy of his book; I must have read it all in two to three days.  For the first time in my illness, there was a man whom had completed the jigsaw that lay unfinished for years.  All the books I had previously read were all promoting Armour treatment.  I knew then that the British people on Armour were having terrible trouble getting a prescription over here. This was route I did not want to go down, if treatment ran out, what you do then?  I was also witnessing people selling their possessions to visits private doctors to obtain Armour medication.  This is not a disease where money is the cure!

Recovering from Hypothyroidism Using T3 Treatment

Recovering with T3 was a British book, therefore, demonstrating that an alternative treatment was available on the NHS.  This book educated me on; the various tests I needed to prove T4 was not working for me.  The vitamins and minerals that would give me the desirable affect in T3 treatment. Additionally, educating me on how to get Doctors to listen to me and take all my symptoms seriously.  Paul helped me to communicate to the medical professionals in a language they understood.

I too am living well on T3 with thanks to Paul

I can honestly state that Paul Robinson saved my life.  My rollercoaster journey had led me to the point of giving up hope.  Paul came to me at the right time and his book continues to be my companion.

This book is going to revolutionise the way thyroid disease is treated.