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Sandra DS’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:
Circadian T3 Method, T3

The Circadian T3 Method Raises Cortisol – It is Life-Saving!

I can already say that Paul is a godsend who came into my life, this method (for me that’s the Circadian T3 Method plus T3 during the day)  is really life-saving…  I am so happy he is sharing this valuable information to others. I hope soon that doctors will listen to this new approach of treating people!!!

Looking back at things, I can say my hypo started to show in 2003, back then I had no idea. After having visited do many doctors, finally in 2010 I got diagnosed being hypo and adrenal fatigued. I started on NDT, hydrocortisone, DHEA, and a whole bunch of other hormones…  Shortly after starting the HC I felt this was NO GOOD for me.. my lingering connective tissues issues were getting worse on an alarming speed..  And my already weakened gut was getting even more out of wack.

To cut a long story short, I quickly stopped with many of the described hormones because I was getting more and more racing heart and anxiety attacks, but kept taking NDT, HC (because I had to, my body became already dependent) DHEA and melatonin. In September of 2011 I tried weaning of HC because I had the feeling I was getting blind… my vision was getting so blurred, there was no way to deny this, my connective tissues were crying inside of my body!!! I was scared. The first 10 mg weaning of HC was easy, but then the problems started. Every time I was close to 12 or 11 mg a day, I was crashing,  getting sick, depressed, extreme anxiety and sometimes I even wished to die because I couldn’t see the purpose of living like this. NO ENERGY, not being able to work a full day, no sports, to cut short, everything was difficult, depressed mood, even washing my hair became difficult;  I felt miserable.

In the beginning of this year, I noticed on Janie’s website a link saying that adrenals could be healed with T3, my inner me said YES YES YES YES this is for you. I immediately ordered the Recovering with T3 book, and shortly after contacted Paul Robinson when I was desperate in Philadelphia; too tired to fly back home… I really had the feeling the end of my life was approaching. I was so devastated and sad Why me? I first tried dosing with NDT, but I this treatment gave me a very high pulse and still kept crashing and feeling tired, sick, etc. I decided to go on T3 only, I was a bit scared, but thought, hey what do I have to lose? Nothing, I had the feeling the end of my life was approaching anyway…

Shortly after being on T3 I started to feel better, and after 2 weeks I was able to stop HC completely. I couldn’t be more happy… Yes, really after two weeks…

I still have a long way to go, my body needs to repair many things over the 10 years being ill, BUT she had the energy to finally do this. I don’t have the feeling I am dying anymore, I went to a party last week, I danced, I am going back to the gym slowly slowly and I can work a full day. The best is, that I am feeling very positive again, Paul Robinson’s approach saved my life… that is sure.

I was using two different brands of T3, one for the CT3M (a stronger one – Cynomel) and a lighter version (Tiromel) for during the day but now I have switched completely to the Tiromel as I believe it is as more gentle product and it works far better for me.

Forever grateful Paul Robinson and Janie, because thanks to her site, I found out about T3!

With Love,  Sandra DS