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Mary’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:
Circadian T3 Method, Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT)

Treating Thyroid and Adrenal Issues (Low Cortisol) Using the Circadian T3 Method (CT3M) and Natural Desiccated Thyroid (NDT)

After 12 years on Levothyroxine, I started taking Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT) in mid-January 2012.  By late March, I had found what I believed to be the right dose and method of taking NDT (for me, this was 2 grains upon rising, 1 grain at noon, and 1/2 grain at 4 PM).

A 24-hour cortisol saliva test had revealed that my cortisol levels were low in the morning, afternoon and evening, but high at night.  This confirmed exactly how I felt!

In late March, I started the Circadian T3 Method (CT3M) to help treat my thyroid and heal my adrenals.

Just before I started CT3M, in February, I had made a list of all my symptoms and I came up with 77.

Every couple of weeks, I have updated the list, categorizing which which ones improve and get worse from update to update.

Over the past few months, every single symptom has improved.  22 of them are totally gone, the most notable being chronic fatigue, flu-like aches, suicidal thoughts, failure to ovulate, itchy legs, hands and feet.

Thirty-four symptoms show continued improvement, including: hair loss, difficulty getting out of bed, taking hours after rising to feel awake, needing caffeine to wake up, foggy-thinking, excessive sweating, low stamina, long recovery period after any stress or activity, sinking feeling in the afternoon, feeling the need for caffeine and carbohydrates in the afternoon, feeling dramatically better in the evenings, abnormally energetic at night, dry eye, sensitivity to bright lights, thinning and crooked eye lashes, light headedness, dizziness.

It is notable that as my symptoms improve, they fluctuate.  There is a rise and fall to their improvement.  One day will be great, while another day will feel just rotten.  I’ll wonder if I’m sliding back, but upon evaluation, I’ll see that things really are improving on the whole.  These good days and bad days correlate with my stress (good and bad) levels, level of physical exertion, and reproductive cycle.

As I write this (at the end of April), I can say that my worst days now are better than my best days in January.

I believe many of my symptoms to be rooted in multiple, but related, health issues: hypothyroidism, type I (juvenile) diabetes, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, and endometriosis.  I also suspect gluten intolerance and plan to test a gluten-free diet soon.  That being said, CT3M won’t treat all of these issues.


  1. Some of these health issues have overlapping symptoms and
  2. Having my thyroid and adrenals treated properly will no doubt help me get to a place where I can succeed in treating the symptoms I experience.

I have some tweaking to with my CT3M right now: improvements mean changes in BP, HR and temps which require adjustments.

At this point I believe that my issues will be ironed out with work and time, and I can say with confidence that the CT3M is working to treat my thyroid and adrenals, and is helping me get to a place where I can treat my other health issues.