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Lisa’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:

My Symptoms of Hypothyroidism are Gone on T3 – Plus I Take Less Blood Pressure Medication and Have Lost Weight!

What the Medical Profession doesn’t want you to know….

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 40. My doctor, at the time, put me on a T4 medication. When I continued to complain about how I was feeling, he would simply look at me and infer it was all in my head since my lab tests all indicated  everything was normal. So why then do I continue to gain weight on 1200 calories, heavy periods and why is my hair still falling out by the handfuls?

In May of 2012, I met Dr. Michael Morris. He was hesitant to treat me due to the fact that I was also taking 3 blood pressure medications and my blood pressure still measured in the high range.

Dr. Morris listens to his patients and makes them part of the therapy treatment.

On T3, within 24 hours, a fog (that I had not previously been aware of) lifted. Within 48 hours, I had been taken off one of the blood pressure medications because my blood pressure had NATURALLY dropped when I began taking the T3. THIS IS CONTRARY TO THE MEDICATION INSERT! By week 2, I was taken off the second blood pressure medication.

On my 50th Birthday, December 2011, I had ballooned to 270 pounds. My doctor has helped me to lose 84 pounds between May and December. And now I am down a total of 106 pounds and feeling great!

The T3 medication insert also says it was going to increase my appetite. FALSE.  It actually helped to control my appetite.

Now I am on one blood pressure medication and T3. Amazing but true! (If I could take T3 at night, I wouldn’t even need that one bp med! But fortunately, it gives me the energy I’ve lacked for years.)

I finally get the chance to feel like a person without hypothyroidism.

He’s solved all my horrible hypothyroidism side effects except one. But he has a patient who has grown her hair back so I’m hoping that will happen to me too.  If I had only found Dr. Morris 10 years ago! But I sure am thankful I found him. He is the best doctor I’ve ever had!

Do you realize how many bypass, lapband, sleeve doctors would be put out of work?

That’s why the Medical Profession doesn’t want you to know about treatment with T3!