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Julie’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:
Circadian T3 Method, T3

I Have Been Taking T3 for a Month and My Life Has Completely Turned Around! No More Hypothyroidism Due to T3 and the Circadian T3 Method

I feel human again at last.

My journey with thyroid problems started four years ago. I was given Levothyroxine and took it for a few months. Not much happened. My house burnt down in 2009 and because the meds were in the fridge I basically forgot all about taking them. In 2011 the fun and games started. The doctor was treating me for depression, high cholesterol and then for arthritis. I’m no rocket scientist, but I thought, this is all related somehow. I would tell her that I felt so exhausted I could hardly walk through the shops. She kept saying you need to walk. I had put on 30kg and no matter what I ate I couldn’t shift it. I was cold, my nails would bend (they were so soft), my hair would be all over the bathroom floor, my body ached. The total exhaustion was the worst thing. I could sleep till 2pm some days and 10 am on most. I had a conversation with a lady one day who said you need to see an Endocrinologist.

I looked one up in Sydney went to another doctor and told her I need a referral and all the bloods an Endo would need for my thyroid. She did that and I went to see him. My TSH was 95!  He said I am surprised you managed to walk in here. I was so happy I cried. He said I would be fine in a few weeks. What a relief. He gave me a prescription for….wait for it ….Levothyroxine. Needless to say, I still felt really bad a few weeks later. I spoke to him on the phone, saying I feel awful still. He said there is nothing else I can do, and it might be that I am peri menopausal as well.

By then I had read a lot of books on thyroid problems and knew he could have tried NDT or added T3 . I couldn’t be bothered fighting with him…too tired. I knew of a doctor on the coast where I live who is a bio chemist and managed to get in to see her. She let me get the NDT and I started to feel a lot better, but not 100%.

Thank God I stumbled across Paul Robinson’s book Recovering with T3.

I have been taking T3 for a month and my life has turned around completely.

I am using the circadian T3 method. I am back at work, I hadn’t worked for years. I am up at 6am most days. I don’t need naps. I have no joint pain. My cholesterol is normal. My nails are hard. 5kgs have gone. On Sunday I could have slept in but I got up at 8am as I wasn’t tired. Who would think that 40 mcg of T3 could do all this. I feel like it is some kind of miracle. At my worst I couldn’t think straight, I would lose basic words, it was really scary. I don’t feel depressed. I just feel normal again.

I work at a pathology place and I cannot believe the number of people with thyroid problems…’s massive. Most of them are treated with levothyroxine and feel really bad still. I am not allowed to give advice, but as someone who has suffered so much I feel obliged to tell them from one human to another…  “Google Recovering with T3.” I also take a compounded vitamin with all the b’s, chromium,zinc ,vit c etc.

We are so lucky someone like Paul Robinson has done the hard work in working this out. I am eternally grateful.