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Donna’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:

I am on T3-Only now. I have no T4 (Levothyroxine) medication at all.  I Feel Amazing

Hi all, I have been a member of Paul Robinson’s Facebook forum for a few months, and although I have commented to others, I have never posted about myself.

I wanted to write as I suspect there are many others who are members and read but maybe some haven’t yet moved to T3.

I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease 4 years ago. By the time I was diagnosed my brain was rather fuddled. I knew I wasn’t well but couldn’t work it out. I had told my optician all about my blurred vision. I had told my dentist how the injections had worn off less than an hour. I thought the NHS were cutting corners. I didn’t lose any weight I fact quite the opposite. I put 3 stone on in about as many months.

I was given Radio Active Iodine (RAI). It was a drink not capsule. I didn’t realise the Geiger counter was beefing because of me. I had three weeks off work. I felt so unwell and incredibly fatigued. I went back to the hospital 5 weeks after the RAI. I was so under active I was started on 100 mg of Levothyroxine. My GP explained that my blood results showed I was severely under active. He explained to me about children born with low thyroid function and cretinism. He told me that my brain function was comparable to those with cretinism.

It took me months to start to feel like a person I would spend days sat on the sofa with cold cup of tea hours would pass.

I eventually went back to work on part tome hours it took me months to get back to full time hours. I felt awful. I had the most awful fatigue my body felt heavy. I had the most horrid restless leg syndrome. I had it all day and evening it had the most awful sensation felt like water trickling down my body and when I walked it felt like my leg wasn’t mine it was so bad it even started in my hand. People would stare and it was so embarrassing. I developed a Speech disorder. I kept going back to the hospital begging them to make me well they did blood tests and kept telling me I was well and adequately medicated.

Then I started to hear about T3. I asked the endocrinologist. I took guidance and advice. I asked my family doctor – but they all said no!

So the quest started to find who would prescribe. After 10 months I found a private endocrinologist who supported the use of T3.

My GP was then happy to prescribe, as I now had the endo to look after my blood work.

It was a gradual slow process of reducing the Levothyroxine and increasing the T3.

About four months ago the Levothyroxine suddenly left my body.

I am on T3-Only now. I have no T4 (Levothyroxine) medication at all.

I feel amazing. No restless leg. The incredible fatigue has gone. I have started losing the excess weight after the levothyroxine had left my body. I only have 1st 5 pounds to go.

The real reason I have written this is for those that read and haven’t worked out if it’s a good idea.

I have my life back. Instead of thinking I was never going to get to retirement, I can now see me going beyond this thanks to Thyroid UK and Paul Robinson and his amazing book.

Don’t give up fight for your life