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Debbie’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 30 years ago.

For 25 years, I’ve been looking for answers on how I could help myself with the weight gain, dry skin, brittle hair and the constant up and down of fatigue and all-around ‘unwell’ feelings.

General Practitioners do not understand thyroid/hormone conditions, or at least none that I went to did.

They increased T4 and reduced T4 for years. I stumbled across a post that mentioned Paul Robinson’s book, Recovering with T3.

I ordered the book and 2 others by Paul and read them all.

I took these books with me to my next doctor’s appointment and explained to my doctor that I needed T3. My body doesn’t convert T4 to T3 well.

I scheduled a call with Paul and he answered all my questions and settled any fears I had on T3 (all my previous doctors had me afraid of T3).

I followed the guidelines and steadily increased T3 based on vitals and decreased T4.

I have now been on the same dose now for over 1 year. I have not had any roller coaster, hypo to hyper episodes since.

I am so grateful to have found out about Paul and his books. The only negative to this is that I didn’t find his books sooner.

I do my best to tell anyone with thyroid issues about Paul’s books.
They truly did give me back my life. Thank you, Paul.