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Dean’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:

T3 has made me feel the best I have ever felt after a total thyroidectomy

I had a total thyroidectomy back in 2016 because of a nodule, my endo told me that everything will be alright after the surgery I will just have to take hormone replacement pills for the rest of my life and all will be just fine. After the surgery, the worst years of my life started.

2016 post-surgery my endo prescribed me Levothyroxine T4 only medication and right of the bat I felt low on energy, had mind fog moments, felt cold when others around me didn’t, and in a few months I gained over 20 pounds, despite making efforts to lose weight. What’s worse is my endo kept on lowering my dosage because as he said my TSH is not right and if he did not reduce my dosage I will have bone and heart problems. this lasted for more than 2 years and those were the worst years of my life.

In 2019 I gave up on my endo and tried to find other doctors, I jumped from different doctors tried almost all the best endos in my country and I was surprised that all of them were the same, prioritizing the TSH and these numbers on paper, never listening to how I feel, as long as I’m not dead.

In mid-2020 I started studying on my own and learned lots of things like all endos studied the same old books that were never updated and how in med school they spent only very little time studying about thyroid. I also learned about this T3 only medication, that people say is good, has a high rating all over the place on the internet, but it’s kind of new and not recognized by Doctors yet. I tried taking small amounts of T3 meds with my T4 and felt better, but I was still afraid to up my dose because I was only relying on my own research, I remember being still paranoid about my TSH levels, I was so scared to lessen my T4 dose, and up my T3 dose.

In mid-2021 I found Paul’s website and started connecting with him, and I bought his book “Recovering with T3”, I learned so much from him and his book. I learned that FT3 is very important to track, taking T3 meds is not harmful to my health, how to use T3 safely and a lot more. Most importantly connecting with Paul and his book gave me confidence in taking T3 meds, that I should not be afraid anymore, I now know that I am not alone in suffering with T4 only medication. I now have access to REAL help, from people who were in the same situation as me, who truly spent time studying thyroid conditions.

Today, in late 2021, I am taking T3 only meds with no T4 meds anymore, and I’ve never felt better. I don’t have mind fog anymore, my mood is great all day, lost 25 pounds of weight with diet and exercise, not feeling cold anymore. The best I’ve ever been after my thyroid surgery.

I hope my story helps other patients as well. Thank you Paul for everything.

*** Comment from Paul Robinson on this Success Story: Dean and I only had a few short email exchanges. Dean managed to treat his hypothyroidism correctly with T3, using the ‘Recovering with T3’ book as a guide. My books are all written to be very practical and useful. They provide important information but also educate on how to actually manage thyroid treatment successfully. ***