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Claire C’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:

We all need a success story – here is mine!

Having struggled for two years with hypothyroidism and all of the usual symptoms I also had constant vertigo which got progressively worse until developing into a full-blown severe vertiginous migraine, loss of balance, coordination, constant vertigo, nausea and vomiting and loss of vision – I was desperate.

With no help from the NHS and in a constant battle with the CCG I was lucky enough to have private health cover which allowed me to find out that my T3 was low, and that I had a conversion issue. I was able to try a combination of T4 plus some T3 via private prescription albeit on a very low dose. It was immediately of benefit but I knew the dose was not enough. Because my TSH was suppressed, my private endo wanted to lower my dose despite my symptoms and request for a dose increase and my GP who was by now giving me private prescriptions could no longer support me as my endo had instructed a reduction in my dose. This floored me as I knew I needed the extra T3 and I needed more of it than I could get privately.

I knew my only choice was to self medicate but I was also reluctant to do so. Having been conditioned to rely on the care of a GP and the support of the NHS it is a very big decision to turn your back on medical professionals who all tell you they know best and that you are wrong.

Luckily, via the support of Facebook Groups, I discovered Paul Robinson and purchased his books. I recognised so many things in the books that related to me and the stories, including Paul’s own, gave me the confidence to take matters into my own hands. I am so glad I did as I have my life back.

Unfortunately, I have to source and purchase my own medication as the CCG will not support me, despite complying with all of their requirements, but to be honest, even if they did, my experience with the medical profession tells me that they would not allow me sufficient medication anyway. So best to look after me.

I now know that all of my severe symptoms were down to a lack of T3 at the brain and cellular level and that the extra T3 medication is the answer to that for me.

To encourage others in the same position as me, I can tell you that five months into using T3 (a slow build-up to find my optimum, as advised by Paul), I no longer have vertigo, migraines, bloating, brain fog or any of the other debilitating symptoms that I had suffered. My weight is also back to my normal 7st 10lb (108 lbs).

So, thank you, Paul!

p.s. for those interested my current daily dosing, which does change occasionally is:
100 mcg of T4 combined with
25 mcg T3@7:00am; 18.75 mcg T3@12:30pm and 18.75 mcg T3@6:00pm