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Christel’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:
Circadian T3 Method, T3

My Hypothyroidism Diagnosis and Failure of T4 (Levothyroxine)

1994: I was diagnosed with multi nodular goiter after birth 2nd son and put  on Thyrax – T4 (Levothyroxine)

Going on on T4:

  • always tired
  • weight gain
  • sporadic periods of sudden weight loss
  • panic attacks
  • depressions, big one in 2003, so they put me on anti depressants

2010: My goiter had grown towards inside and pushing on trachea, so thyroidectomy was advised by endo, as breathing was a problem lying down.

I was Constantly tired, depressed, weight gain, after loosing more then 20kg during long and harsh divorce ( probably freaked out my adrenals)

In October 2010, I had a  complete removal thyroid

After removal: I was more tired, even exhausted, depressed, weight gain, general feeling of being unwell,  no energy whatsoever, TSH climbed up immediately.

Then I started searching the internet. I got my GP to prescribe Erfa (natural desiccated thyroid, also known as NDT).  My ferritin was supposed to be good, but I found out later that it was low, as was my B12.

I had improvement the first two months, but had to increase every week in order to stay well. At 5 grains I noticed no further improvement and started to feel worse again. I had also noticed that the adrenal supplement was not enough and therefore tried Isocort, which helped.

I was at that time self-medicating already and as I did not feel well at all I went exploring further:  Then read more about RT3 and had test done. As my RT3 was very high and ratio low, I started T3.

My Recovery from Hypothyroidism Using T3-Only (Liothyronine) and the Circadian T3 Method (CT3M)

I Started T3 only in June 2011. Felt immediately better on T3 only and so continued to raise, taking also iron and B12 and Isocort 7 to 8 pellets per day.

I continued to raise T3 and had no adverse reactions whatsoever, BUT: Nearing the 12 week “clearing” limit, I started slowly to feel worse again, even upping my dose August and Sept 2011 were probably the two worst months for me. I assumed it was adrenal as well as still hypo, so I switched to HC 20mg. Still  felt lousy. Started to feel worse on HC

One day I was so fed up I just decided to stop HC, and to stop radically. I was only on HC for three weeks, so I gathered that would not be life threatning. Felt better, but still hypo and exhausted

Then I stumbled on one of Paul Robinson’s posts on a thyroid forum (TPA in the UK) and another post by someone he had helped to get better and who explained how he did it step by step.

So I looked into earlier posts by Paul Robinson and the files he had put on the forum at the time.

His approach for using T3 to raise cortisol (CT3M) sounded so logical that I thought I give it a try.

I started with my morning dose, taking it earlier and earlier, but not yet changing my total dose , which I had lowered to approx. 75mcg, as the higher dose would do nothing for me, except make me feel worse.
So I would still have a small dose at “lights out”

Now I am only taking T3 with the following doses and timings:

  • 25 mcg – 5.30am (the Circadian T3 Method)
  • 18.75 mcg – 12 noon
  • 12.5 mcg – 5pm
  • a total of approx 56 micrograms of T3
  • I am no longer hypo!!!!!!

I still have some breathing problems, but I think I have found an additional cause for that and will have some more bloodwork and tests done to confirm that.

I feel better then ever.

I do not need HC or Isocort at all, but do have an inhaler, as I have allergic asthma ( allergies to humidity, which is high in Portugal), which I use once a day if I feel bad.

I started to lose weight , but want to loose more. Still struggle sometimes with water retention in lower legs, but that also is getting better.

I guess it all takes time, a lot of time and a lot of patience.

So I really learned to listen to my OWN body, and taking out of the advice what worked for me.

HC definitely was NOT for me.

Regarding the adrenals, my fatigue was mild to moderate and only diagnosed by 24hr urine collection.

Vitamins and supplements I take now:

Folic Acid
Vit C
Vit B12, when I feel my body needs it

I am now 45, 2 sons, remarried, full thyroidectomy and going strong again on T3!