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CB’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:

I Recovered from Euthyroid Hypometabolism Due to Low FT3 with T3 Treatment (Liothyronine)

Around 1968, I felt I had nothing to live for since my doctor could not care for me. He claimed that my thyroid was a bit low, but OK. I was planning my own funeral.

Then, one day, working in my kitchen, I fainted, fell, and broke my leg in two places. In the hospital, the emergency room physician set my leg and claimed that they would fix my “thyroid” tomorrow.

The next day, an internist with the hospital’s residents visited me, to show the residents my classic look of myxedema, extreme hypothyroidism. The internist prescribed T3. In ten days, I could lift my hip-to-ankle cast and felt resurrected.

The internist said that I was lucky to have broken my leg, for otherwise I would have died in a myxedema coma.

In retrospect, I suffered with euthyroid (my thyroid was OK) hypometabolism. I was so completely exhausted. The recommendation back in 1960, by Dr. Goldberg, was to treat this using T3 (Liothyronine).

About 25 years later, I had to change doctors and was denied my T3 and given a prescription of T4. My fatigued body gained weight. When it was obvious that T4 was not working, I convinced my doctor to prescribe T3 again, after all it had worked for 25 years. My life was resurrected again, once again leaving fatigue in the dust of seemingly endless energy.

In fact, I exemplify the medically accepted test for causality, the CDR (challenge, de-challenge, re-challenge) test. I was challenged with T3 with good results. I was de-challenged with the denial of T3 with the return of bad results. And I was re-challenged with T3 with good results returning. Aside from the interchange of good and bad, I fit the CDR test for causality.

T3 does bring about good health. It certainly made be active once again.