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Anna L’s Story

Thyroid Treatment:

In one and a half months my cortisol had become normal again!

I was very helped by reading Paul Robinson’s books, but the final piece in the puzzle was a coaching session with him, where he showed me a way to use the Circadian T3 Method (CT3M) that suited my individual needs. In only 1.5 months my cortisol had normalized, which was extremely low after years of wrongly medicated hypothyreosis (hypothyroidism). I was also given individual advice on crucial vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Thank you!

Note from Paul Robinson: Anna’s thyroid labs looked fairly good with FT3 high in the range and vitals were reasonable but she had clear low cortisol symptoms and low cortisol levels on lab tests. I thought it would be worth a try to use her Levothyroxine medication as a CT3M dose. This rarely works well but as a first attempt at improving Anna’s cortisol. Fortunately, it worked well. Otherwise it would have needed some medication that contained T3 as a CT3M dose. In addition, there were some obvious low nutrient levels which I suggested that she address.